Hello, I'm Acushla, director of BTDC (Adelaide, South Australia). I am deeply passionate about assisting women to transform their experience of learning and teaching Body Temple Tribal Fusion belly dance.  

After teaching for over 12 years, i have consistently heard dancers express frustration around their belly dance practice and often feel stuck when it comes to the skill of choreography.

There are also belly dancers who yearn to start teaching yet don't know how or where to start, while other already established teachers often have the challenge of filling classes and keeping their students inspired and committed. Thats where i come in!

After having my second child, i took some time to reflect on getting to the essence of what of feel most passionate about and the best way i can serve with my experience as a belly dancer teacher, teacher trainer and performer.

I now see my my role as a trainer, on a quest to guide driven belly dancers to reach their greatness and authenticity while feeling confident to broadcast their brilliance as teachers or professional tribal fusion belly dance entertainers!

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