Hey, I’m Acushla

My name translates as the ‘moon’, and like the moon, I have any faces! I’m a fusion bellydancer, online teacher, jewellery creator and mother.

Based in South Australia, I have travelled far and wide teaching women the art of bellydance and empowering themselves from the inside out. The essence that flows through my work is to inspire and guide women to rise into their confidence and connection to self. I teach Body Temple Bellydance and offer mentorship programs both online and in person. I have certified  women worldwide in my teacher training program and continue to develop and expand my programs as i evolve.

I have appeared and performed in a variety of settings, including film, corporate events,  the Sony music video “Pyramids”, fairs and backyard parties! 

A bit about bellydance…

Belly dance has been a huge part of my life for around 20 years. I was first formally introduced to this ancient art form at the age of 7 when I went to classes with my mum and could instantly do a ‘belly roll’! 

I’ve been fortunate to teach and connect with hundreds of women from all over the world through my instructional DVD’s and online courses, there is something so beautiful about the bellydance sisterhood that expands worldwide.