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These following suggestions are some of the ways I have successfully manifested some of my dreams.

I think it is important to first create the vibrational shift (through your focused thoughts) which will then open up the path to what practical strategic steps will lead you towards the direction you choose. As your energy shifts within yourself and you align with your desires, the practical steps to achieve your goals become apparent.

So lets get started!!

1. Write Your Dreams down

I am big on writing! Manifesting your dreams requires consistent focus on what you are wanting to create. Many people focus on what they don’t want or all the reasons why they cant have what they want. Consistently directing your thoughts towards what you want isn’t always easy, so I find writing the perfect way to focus and get really clear. Find a quiet space and write down in detail exactly what it is you would like to achieve in your dance life. If there are many things, start with focusing on your main priority. Dream big! Now get some colored markers and dot point the main aspects of your goals and stick it up somewhere visible. I like to write my goals as if they have already happened eg “I am so grateful that I am able to earn a living from doing what I love while feeling in complete alignment with who I am. I feel more and more confident everyday and absolutely love the positive effects I have on those around me. It is just so easy for me to know exactly what steps to take that will lead me in the direction of my dreams”. You might like to get a little more specific on exactly what those dreams are.

2. Create a vision board

You will need: Glue, A large piece of cardboard/paper and images from magazines (or the internet) Collect images from magazines or the internet (Pinterest is great) that represent what it is you would like to create in your dance life. For example, if you would like to earn more money performing and do it in a joyous way, you could choose images of places you would love to perform, happy looking people, images that trigger joy, performing artists, images of money or whatever represents wealth to you. Place your vision board in a special space and look at it regularly and feel the emotions you desire to feel once the dream has become a reality.

3. Positive reminders

Write a sentence which encapsulates your dance goal, starting with I AM…. and stick it up in places around your house where you will regularly see it. Let this be a reminder of what you would like to focus on. Creating your life exactly the way you desire takes commitment, perseverance and an unshakable trust that you will succeed

4. Choose your company wisely

Seek out people who support you and encourage what it is you desire. If you make a habit of spending time with positive people you will find yourself becoming more positive and successful too! Don’t underestimate this one! Everyone vibrates energy and if you are hanging out in low vibe atmospheres, you cant expect to feel on top of the world and ready to step up into your dream life.

5. Follow inspired ideas and hunches

Be on alert for those gut feelings and inspired ideas! It is all well and  good to create the internal mind-shift, but you need to take action! You may experience a hunch as a spontaneous idea that pops into your head while you are focused on something unrelated, or a feeling that comes over you that has you want to take action. Hunches also work in warning you when you are not in alignment. Whenever you feel a negative emotion arise related to your dance ambition, see it as a big reminder that you are NOT in alignment with your desires and what you truly want. Observe the negative thought and take another direction and decide to deliberately focus on positive thoughts about your dance and how you would like it to be. For example: “Wont it be fantastic when my dance dreams come to fruition! Ill enjoy it so much because then ill be able to …….” (list all the things that will be different for you, and get really excited and passionate about them!)

6. Tell someone you trust all about it

Talking about your dreams to a supportive person that you trust can help clarify exactly what it is you want, and also strengthens the energy around manifesting it! Be sure they are a positive and supportive person who you know will be encouraging.

7. FEEL it!

Now imagine how it would FEEL if your dance dreams flowed EASILY to you. Now FEEL how uplifting and joyous you would be. Can you FEEL how different your life would be if that became your reality? This FEELING of flow, joy, fulfillment, empowerment is what you should be focusing on every day as often as possible. WHY? Because when you focus and you really FEEL it, you start attracting it! Try doing this exercise for a few minutes every day. The key is to put FEELING into it! This can be a lot easier if you write it down and then re read what you have written while focusing on the feeling. “I respect and stand behind what I have to offer the world”

I hope you have found this useful in some way and please feel free to share!

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