I’m Acushla, therapist, embodiment coach and dancer.

I work with a range of modalities, predominantly hypnotherapy. I understand the importance of balancing both science and energetics into therapy sessions.

I incorporate my understanding of body energetics, nervous system regulation and subconscious reprogramming into my practice. It’s a powerful combination!


Your past does not define you

The brain can change (neuro-plasticity) which means, with consistent focus, you can change any behaviour or habit you like.

You have innate gifts that are waiting to be expressed, and is the key to you living a life of passion and purpose. Creating emotional balance through healing, allows for your purpose to naturally blossom.

A dis-regulated nervous system is one of the main causes women feel held back and disempowered. Understanding how to self regulate is key to changing anxiety and depressive patterns

Reconnecting to the body is the pathway to our healing and personal power.

There is no quick fix when it comes to healing. It is a unique pathway that unfolds at the perfect time for each person.


I am a mother of two beautiful sons and a partner to Dave who is a Remedial therapist (and also practices from our home clinic!) I have a love for nature, animals, camping, dancing (you can check out my dance website here) and creating powerful crystal pendants (you can check out my shop here).

I have always felt like i have too many passions to fit into one lifetime. So I have learnt to create balance so i can still persue many of them!

I care deeply for humanity, and a huge aspect of my purpose is to support women in reclaiming their mental and emotional health. Women are powerful beings and i am here to remind them of this <3

Clinical Hypnotherapist (ICHP-Institute of clinical hypnotherapy-psychotherapy)

Advanced Diploma Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) Adelaide Training College of Complimentary medicine

18 years dance and embodiment training and teaching