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Next course starts Feb 6th


6:30pm-7:30pm (and extra 30 minutes will be optional for performance training)

Hey! so its a fresh new year and fresh inspiration 🙂 This term will be for intermediate dancers only (so at least 1 years bellydance experience). If you are a beginner, check out my online courses to get you up to speed so you can join this class!

Each class starts with some Qi Gong (gentle energy/movement exercises) to get us present in our bodies (and to let go of the busy day we have had). I then continue on with tribal fusion belly dance technique, combinations and choreography. There will be a performance training option for those interested (and extra 30 mins added onto the class)

This term we will also be working on building a vocabulary of movement for basic group improvisation ‘chorus work’.

About Qi Gong: The moving Qi gong exercises are taught at a very basic level, with a focus on calming the mind and body, developing smooth graceful movement and regulating the breath to help relieve stress and increase energy levels. I have an advanced diploma in Traditional Chinese medicine (acupunture) and studied qi gong at a basic level during my education. The exercises i teach are safe, easy and suitable for all ages.

Please wear comfy clothing that allows freedom of movement (gym clothes such as leggings, tank top etc and a hip belt/scarf if you like!)

* Bookings are essential- Please email Acushla@bodytempledance.com to secure your place

* Classes will only run with adequate numbers. You will be notified one week before the course starts if it will be cancelled.

* Payment can be made through Paypal, direct bank transfer or arranged at the beginning of class.

* Class payments are non-refundable or transferable (unless serious circumstances)


9 Week Course

1 hour: $105/ Casual $15

1.5 hours: $150/ Casual $20




Magill Community Hall

Corner of Woodforde Rd & St Bernards Rd, Magill. (19 St Bernards Rd)

*It is on the main road and has a stoby poll directly out the front with blue 4 leaf clovers on it.

 Please contact me for any further questions!
Acushla: 0410 298 8012
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