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2018 BellyLab101

New Dates to be announced soon!


The 3 Day Bellylab101 intensive will be presented in an A-Z format covering a wide range of topics.

Finding your own Voice

  • How to implement the key steps to find your own voice in dance
  • Learn the elements that makes a dancer truly outstanding and how to apply these to your own dance in an authentic way

Technical know how

  • Learn tips on improving technique of the most common tricky belly dance movements
  • Learn conditioning exercises that will assist in improving technique

The X-factor of Performance

  • What is the X-factor? Learn the traits that give dancers the X factor and how this can be determined
  • Learn how you can create a dance that showcases your personal strengths

Focus and goal setting

  •  Implement tools to gain clarity on your own personal dance goals and steps to achieve them
  • You will receive an audio recording of the ‘goal setting guided meditation’

Expand your creativity

  • Tools to open doorways to your own creativity including the use of opposition, layering, contrast, shapes
  • The key points in creating choreography, including musicality, space, and interpretation

Catering to varied levels

  • Suitable for Beyond beginners who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of technique. D & A will guide you through common belly dance movements eg hip work, arm work, torso movements, spins, isolations, and more
  • If you are an intermediate dancer wanting the ability to create your own unique combinations, choreograph or have the freedom to improvise, D & A will give you a step by step guide on how to achieve this.
  • If you are an advanced dancer but are still struggling to find your own dance style unique to you, then allow D & A to help you find it!


  1. An opportunity to participate in the “Dance and Share session” including a copy of a recording from your ‘Share’ (sharing is optional)
  2. Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to ask any dance related questions
  3. A certificate of completion
14sm BellyLab101

This intensive is jam packed, and will be a fantastic resource to review over and over again!


"Covering topics A-G"

A- Arms

Technique for beautiful arm movements including shapes and how your lower body can contribute to the shape's you make. We wont forget the hands either!

B- Balance

Starting at the feet. We will look at how certain movements have weight in either heel or the balls. becoming aware of this will be the start of mastering balance throughout movement. We will then look at how the speed and levels of movements can effect balance and tips to help master these.

C- Choreography

How to pull apart the music effectively to create interesting and exciting new choreographies that are unique to you. not just a rehash of other choreographies you have seen or done before.

D- Direction

Learn how to add variety to your choreography through creative direction changes. How to use direction effectively in your next performance.

E- Elongation
How to get the most out of your movements and your body no matter your height.
F- Floorwork!
Including some powerful exercises to condition the body so your floor work looks effortless.
G- Goals 
Your own personal dance and how to make them happen!
H- Hips 
Lets make those hip variations happen so you can master them once and for all!
I- Improvisation
This wont be "ok heres the music and off you go" but more a step by step guide of how to.
J- Joining
This is about how to link movements and even sections within a movement seamlessly together
K- Kindred spirits
How to find "your people" in dance so your dance experience is fun and productive without drama!
L- Layering
How to get the most of layering movement and different parts of the body.
M- Musicality
All about phrasing and becoming a physically manifestation of the music.
N is 10 things to NEVER DO!...Wonder what they are? 
O- Openness and its opposition 
P- Poses
How to create beautiful statuesque poses, with elegant lines 
Q- Qigong for relaxation and awareness
R- Resistance and release
How do you add that mesmerising effect of resistance by moving in and out of poses? 
S- Spins
Ways to overcome your fears. travelling spins, spotting, changing directions
T- Turns
Adding drama, the spiralling effect, new turns
The undulation moment can be applied to varying parts of the body- lets explore these!
V- Variety
Manipulation of time, pace, dynamics, tension, release, 
W- Walking
Varying dramatics, timing mechanics of' 'the walk’, 
X- X factor
External and internal aspects of the X-factor. What does it mean, how does one get it?
 How to make your dance ‘yours’ Adding your own authentic unique vibe to your work
How to get into the zone of performing


Payment information yet to be updated

When making payment through paypal please add the following information to the message section:

1) How long have you been dancing for?

2) What style of dance/belly dance do you do?

3) What are you hoping to get out of this intensive?




How is this course different to all the other intensives?

  • It is a holistic program that integrates inner as well as outer exercises “As Within, So Without”
  • The course content was created from feedback that both Devi and Acushla have received over the many years they have both been teaching- its all about you!
  • It is the first time Devi and Acushla have collaborated on a project where they both contribute their best kept secrets and technique tips just for this program
  • You get two experienced teachers available for the duration of the entire intensive. Together we will provide valuable feedback, insightful ideas, world class instruction and specially formulated exercises and processes they each have created.

Do you have to do the entire intensive or can you do a day pass?

Preference will be given to those who attend the full intensive. If any spots are available, day passes will be available up to one month before the intensive

Is there a payment system for those of us low on cash?

Yes! There will be an option to make 3 payments. It will be required that the final payment be completed prior to the first day of the intensive

Once i have completed the course can i teach what i learnt?

Sure. The content is really valuable for teachers! Please give credit to the source : )

What are the major benefits of doing this intensive?

  • Learn ways to find your own voice in dance so you can express your authentic self and shine
  • Enhance your performance abilities, improve your X factor and understand what makes a truly outstanding performer
  • Connect with like-minded dancers and learn new ways to tackle common problems in belly dance
  • Receive feedback and help with tricky areas of technique and movement
  • Learn new combos and ways to create your own unique choreographies- Unlock creative doorways that will feed you for years to come!

What level of experience is required?

At least one year of belly dance

Is it for Tribal belly dancers as well as classical style belly dancers?

This course is designed for belly dancers of any genre

Is recording allowed in the workshops?

There will be time allocated at the end of the intensive to record any combos or aspects of the training that you would like to ensure you remember

I understand it is presented in an A-Z format with specific topics covered, will there also be new combinations and movement sequences to learn?

Yes. There will be a balance of technique, creativity exercises, new combinations, goal setting and discussion

Is the deposit refundable?

No it is non refundable or transferable. You are welcome to sell your spot to another dancer

Is there a certificate at the end?

Yes. There will be a certificate of attendance after completing the course


devi4 BellyLab101


Devi Mamak is a member & artistic director of Ghawazi Caravan who are the first sister studio to FCBD within Australia. Devi is one of Australia’s premier ATS dancers, teachers & choreographers, having taught many of the top dancers in the genre within Australia. She is also well known for creatively fusing other styles such as Flamenco, Classical Indian, Egyptian, Samba & Ballet and has produced her own DVD ” Devi’s Inspired Combinations”.

She has collaborated with many world renowned dancers including, Carolena Nericcio, Deb Rubin and Jrisi Jusakos. She was also invited by Jillina Carlando to be a part of the international production of Belly Dance Evolution where she performed alongside Jillina, Sharon Kihara and Kaeshi Chai just to name a few.

She is renowned throughout Australia, NZ, U.S.A,Asia & Europe for her creative, thorough & approachable teaching style & her beautiful & commanding stage presence. Devi has co taught Carolena Nericcios General Skills certificate on several occasions with several of her own steps being accepted into the ATS syllabus and featured on Vol 9 Anatomy of a step.  She is also a classically trained music teacher (A.T.C.L, L.T.C.L, Conservatorium  accredited ) and she brings her understanding and love of music to all her students.


cush BellyLab101


Acushla is artistic director of Body Temple Dance Company based in Adelaide, South Australia. For over a decade she has been providing Belly dance (tribal fusion, ATS®) teacher training in her own format, certification courses and entertainment both locally here in Adelaide as well as nationally. She has produced South Australia’s only belly dance Instructional Dvd/download series which has sold all over the world.

Personal development and holistic health has remained an integral aspect of her training courses. With an advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese medicine, Acushla integrates her understanding of energy and healing into her programs, with an intention for dancers to achieve long term momentum and fulfilment in their dance journey. She is just about to launch her first Intensive Online Pregnancy Program “Woman in Bloom”.


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