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What Is Qi Gong and how does it benefit dance?

What is Qi Gong? And how does it benefit dance? Qi Gong is an ancient form of meditative
exercise with roots in Traditional Chinese
medicine (TCM), martial arts and philosophy. It’s
a practice that aims to balance the energy
system for body, mind and...

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4 Steps To Precise Muscle Isolations

You really have to maintain regular Isolation practice to keep the precision and flow happening. I can see the difference when i haven't drilled for a while! Here are 4 ways that i have found to help with precise and crisp muscle isolations: 1) Awareness of body...

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Which “season” of dance are you in?

I've noticed that so many of our experiences in life move in cycles just like nature. Our dance practice and our relationship to dance changes just like the seasons, and there can be many layers to these cycles.  We can experience growth and inspiration during...

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7 Steps to manifesting Your Dance Dreams

These following suggestions are some of the ways I have successfully manifested some of my dreams. I think it is important to first create the vibrational shift (through your focused thoughts) which will then open up the path to what practical strategic steps will...

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How to Spring Clean your Belly Dance

"Clear your Space, Clear your mind" Are you ready to shake off stagnation and shine? Everything around us accumulates energy, and when there is an excess of 'stuff' that isn't being regularly used or is really disorganised, it can prevent the...

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How To Tap Into Your Creative Flow

(article published in the Inner Self Publication) What is the Muse? The Muse phenomenon has been recognized for thousands of years and it has a variety of interpretations on what it is and the impact it has upon creative inspiration. Creative people including artists,...

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History of Tribal in Adelaide

Published in Australian magazine Belly Dance Oasis Tribal Belly dance was first taught by Myra Fallon at Belly Dance Arabesque, and was inspired by the original videos that fcbd released. The first ATS® performers in Adelaide were Kylea Hartley and Acushla Mkrtschjan...

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Dancing “In the Zone”

Something magical happens when the vibration of movement and music become harmonized. When a dancer is so completely in the moment and in the music  that the resulting shift in consciousness can generate feelings from profound inner peace to...

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How does Belly Dance benefit pregnancy?

After belly dancing through two pregnancy's i can honestly say that Belly dance is 'medicine' for the pregnant mumma! It has had such a profound impact on my experiences that it has become a passion to share the benefits! Belly dance originated in the Middle East and...

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