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What Is Qi Gong and how does it benefit dance?

What is Qi Gong? And how does it benefit dance? Qi Gong is an ancient form of meditative
exercise with roots in Traditional Chinese
medicine (TCM), martial arts and philosophy. It’s
a practice that aims to balance the energy
system for body, mind and...

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6 steps to strong, serpentine Isolations (after kids!)

Smooth strong and juicy isolations not only look amazing but feel amazing! It's one of the main movement 'categories' that bellydance is known for. So how do you take your isolations to the next level? And even after having kids? To master movement (and develop neural...

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Which “season” of dance are you in?

I've noticed that so many of our experiences in life move in cycles just like nature. Our dance practice and our relationship to dance changes just like the seasons, and there can be many layers to these cycles.  We can experience growth and inspiration during...

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How to Spring Clean your Belly Dance

"Clear your Space, Clear your mind" Are you ready to shake off stagnation and shine? Everything around us accumulates energy, and when there is an excess of 'stuff' that isn't being regularly used or is really disorganised, it can prevent the...

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How To Tap Into Your Creative Flow

(article published in the Inner Self Publication) What is the Muse? The Muse phenomenon has been recognized for thousands of years and it has a variety of interpretations on what it is and the impact it has upon creative inspiration. Creative people including artists,...

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