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Dancing “In the Zone”

(or some refer to it as 'flow state'Something magical happens when the vibration of movement and music become harmonized. When a dancer is so completely in the moment and in the music  that the resulting shift in consciousness can generate feelings from profound inner...

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How does Belly Dance benefit pregnancy?

After belly dancing through two pregnancy's i can honestly say that Belly dance is 'medicine' for the pregnant mumma! It has had such a profound impact on my experiences that it has become a passion to share the benefits! Belly dance originated in the Middle East and...

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Early childhood parenting and Belly dance

I've been a bellydancer for around 13 years and a mum for nearly 9, so a huge portion of my dancing life has been while learning and growing into becoming the mother I really want to be. The major challenge I'm sure many belly dancing mums face, is finding the balance...

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The “Vata” dancer (from an Ayurvedic perspective)

Ok so I am mildly obsessed with Ayurvedic healing right now. You know when you hear something from someone, read it or sense it (usually it's the third time) and know there's something in It? Well this happened to me with Ayurveda. I've been experiencing feeling...

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Some gigs are hard!

98% of gigs are great! However sometimes challenging circumstances can happen which often prove to be vital experiences which you can add to your "lessons learnt" list. So we had a gig booked at an outdoor event on a boiling hot day. Jivan's Nanna's was away so I...

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Performing must know

A small minority of dancers may feel the pull to start dancing professionally. Many people feel that dancing for restaurants, clubs, parties etc is the ultimate goal which will bring fulfilment and joy, but it is not for everyone! It is important to think about...

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Highly Sensitive Dancer

Many years ago I read a book "The highly sensitive person" it resonated with me so much and helped me to understand many of my own traits, as well as my son who is also highly sensitive. The author and national bestseller, Elaine Aron defines it as a distinct...

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Pristine Posture Vs technique Junkie

When I talk about posture I mean "whole body posture", rather than referring to the spine and shoulders alone. As a dancer it is vital to be aware of how your posture can be improved and where there are possible imbalances. If you are a dancer who really wants to...

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When is it ok to Steal from another dancer?

Have you ever heard dancers complain that their movement or steps were 'stolen' by another dancer? Movement is universal and it is likely that there is someone at some time in some part of the world that has created movement pathways of the body, similar to what we...

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