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Hey! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my services 🙂

If you have known of me for a while, it is probably pretty clear that I’m a passionate soulpreneur who runs two online businesses all to do with tribal fusion bellydance and powerful big ass crystal jewellery!

What i love, is to support women who are wanting to step up into their purpose, whether it is to reach your potential as a bellydancer (or teacher) or perhaps you are a soulful business owner and want to get clarity and momentum with reaching more people.

You know you have a lot to offer but perhaps you feel held back? I know i did for many years and it’s the worst feeling ever! My experiences (and struggles) is what has reignited my purpose, and I’m passionate about soul connections and helping women to share their own magic!

Check out my services below and feel free to message me if you have any questions

Acushla xx


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In Person or via video recording

1 hour- $65AUD

Receiving feedback on technique and overall embodiment is one of the fastest ways to develop and can save you countless hours of practice. I critique choreography or technique and give clear insights where just one tip on technique can have a domino effect on other areas of your dance. I love detail and i love bringing awareness to areas dancers may have missed! It’s my thing!

I also offer teacher training for the Bellydance Blueprint format. You can find more info HERE

If you don’t live local, no worries! I work with women all over the world thanks to the power of technology. Send me a message so we can make a plan to work together <3

Acushla’s feedback and mentoring was a really invaluable resource for me, and we have now engaged her for mentoring twice! Working in a collaborative troupe is awesome, but not having a troupe “director” can mean that we often don’t have an outside eye that is able to step back and look at the whole piece. We wanted to kick our technique up a level and give our overall piece that little bit of extra polish, as well as improve our own personal dance. Working with Acushla was a really easy process, even though we live in different states, and rarely get to see each other in person. We would send her a video of our performance, and after reviewing and making notes, Acushla would send us back an audio file, so it was really easy to listen to the audio while watching the video. Acushla gives fantastic feedback – some are things that I was vaguely aware of, but had been letting myself get away with for whatever reason, so having someone else pick up on it was really valuable feedback and has made me more self aware, and work to change these things. There were also a few little nuances that I was unaware of, so having an expert eye point them out to me, in such a constructive way was invaluable to me. As I don’t have a regular “in person” teacher, there are sometimes little things that can be done in personal practice that get “solidified” if you’r unaware of, and it’s really great to have an experienced eye notice them and provide feedback. We are always growing and pushing to do better than we did yesterday, and there is always something new to learn just around the corner!

I would definitely recommend Acushla’s mentoring to anyone who is considering it, be they close to home or further afield. She is always clear and caring in her feedback, her professionalism and her knowledge of dance. Thank you so much for everything Acushla! I look forwards to continuing to work with you in the future 1f642 COACHING xox

Amanda Lissant-Clayton (Antaresia Tribal- Melbourne)

Bringing in Acushla as a mentor was a great decision made by the group I work with, and one that benefited us all immensely. She was able to offer corrections on individual technique as well as group formations and cohesion, often picking up on things that individuals in the group may have missed. Having an outside eye assisted us all as individual dancers and was a great asset to the groups overall performance. She was always gentle yet straightforward and clear in her feedback, responsive in terms of time, and generally easy to work with. I definitely recommend her as a mentor.

Bek Kelly (Tejomaya Bellydance- Melbourne)


In Person or Zoom/skype

1 hour session- $120AUD

4×1 hour session package- $400AUD

Every successful business has a clear message and if you are reading this then I’m guessing you are a heart centred business owner who wants to not only earn an income but also make a difference in people’s lives. These coaching sessions are perfect if you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered and lack a clear focus when it comes to growing  your business online. I am here to help reignite your purpose, passion and flow with your business and soul (there is no separation!).

I offer a balance of practical action steps with a grounded foundation of aligning your energy with your business ‘message’ (and it has nothing to do with how many ‘likes’ you get). It was only once i got totally clear with my message and aligned with it, that both of my online businesses (service & product based) really started expanding!

I am here to support you and share all of my tips around attracting ‘your tribe’ through social media and getting to the essence of how you can take what you are doing to the next level. Let’s start the momentum now!

I am available for in person coaching or online through Zoom/Skype

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