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“Clear your Space, Clear your mind”

Are you ready to shake off stagnation and shine?

Everything around us accumulates energy, and when there is an excess of ‘stuff’ that isn’t being regularly used or is really disorganised, it can prevent the flow of new opportunities or new and inspiring energy to flow through us. I always feel SO much better after I have cleared out stagnate areas of my house, there is an amazing feeling of lightness and expansion.
So how about your belly dance life? Are there any areas that could do with some de cluttering or a re-energizing boost? You may be onto it in some areas maybe not others right?!

So here goes…

Dance Space: Let’s start with your studio space or area in your house where you practice. Does it need sprucing up? This is a sacred space where you express, create, heal, strengthen (or whatever else). Ensure the space reflects these wonderful things! Add some new inspiring images or pretty things that make you feel good. Why not even clean the mirror? Scrub the floor and windows and add some flowers, chime some Tibetan bells or even burn some incense. Start to enjoy the fresh inspiration that flows, once your dancing space is physically and energetically clear!

Costume wardrobe: If you are anything like me, after a gig everything often gets jumbled up! Start by creating a clearly defined area for each species of costume: skirts, pantaloons, bras, jewellery, head pieces, flowers etc. and better yet, create a pile of stuff you haven’t worn in a year and commit to giving it away or selling it.

Music: Are you a music hoarder? I hear a few saying yes! Start by deleting old music that no longer resonates with you. By clearing out the old- new comes in! Create some new playlists that can be put in separate categories (improvisation, isolation drills,etc) I’ve recently been listening to an old favourite Jamiroquai- awesome!

Goals: Set some new goals and let go of old goals that are no longer relevant. New goals don’t have to be huge life time ideas, perhaps one could be to improve your 3/4 shimmy, try a different style of dance or to create a new costume. Write your goal down on a large piece of paper and stick it on your mirror.

Simplify or change your dance practice routine: Why not shake things up a bit and change the way you practice at home. Drill to music you don’t usually dance to, spend an entire session working on just one aspect of your dance. Try doing something you don’t usually do!

Declutter your image files and back up archive images: My computer is literally full of images relating to belly dance! This can take up valuable space. Go through all your images and either delete, transfer to a folder that will remain on your computer or purchase a memory stick/hard drive and back them up to the device to keep them safe.

Spruce up an old choreo: Rather than completely letting go of an old choreography, why not revamp an old one just for fun. You might like to try it with a new piece of music or change certain elements of it.

Last but not least…think of an area of your overall health that you would like to give a spring clean to. It could be to clear out negative emotions (try mindfulness meditation), or to clear out toxins. A great way to start is to eat a more clean diet, drink more water and go for regular walks.

And remember to choose one achievable area rather than a dozen at one time!