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HI I’m Acushla, 

My expertise is helping women to feel empowered and to gain clarity and confidence to step into their soul expression without feeling held back, whether it is through their dance, business or life!

The two areas of my expertise are teaching the art of tribal fusion belly dance as well psychotherapy and energy medicine. I love sharing tools and practices to enable women to become self healers and to tap into flow, rewire the brain and change subconscious programming that is holding you hostage!

A few years ago i was cracked open, and hit rock bottom- this sparked an inner fire that led me to completely transform how i viewed myself (some might call it an awakening). I have always known the pain i have transformed, will be my medicine to share and help other women through their life changing transitions and growth.

My name means the moon and like the moon I have many faces! I’m a fiercely loving mumma to my 2 sons, creatrix of big ass crystal jewellery, qualified acupuncturist and recently certified hypnotherapist. I couldn’t be more grateful for the man of my dreams who i met under a tree (now that’s a long story i should write about! <3) 

I offer online holistic belly dance courses, (with a membership option) and also one on one coaching for bellydance development or on a more personal (or business) basis where i teach alignment and blend hypnotherapy as well as the core principles of energy medicine and basic gut health awareness.

When i work with you on a personal level, you can expect a balance of soul medicine backed by scientific research as well as practical strategies. It’s all about balance! 

A bit about bellydance…

Belly dance has been a huge part of my life for around 16 years. I was first formally introduced to this ancient art form at the age of 7 when I went to classes with my mum and could instantly do a ‘belly roll’! 

I’ve been fortunate to teach and connect with hundreds of women from all over the world through my instructional DVD’s and online courses, there is something so beautiful about the bellydance sisterhood that expands worldwide!

Creating is so rewarding, and I love guiding dancers to help develop skills and craft their own work that feels alive, authentic and aligned with who they are. I believe that while technique is important, there is something missing when a dancer expresses without authenticity. And that when there is an alignment of technical skill, physical presence and authentic expression, the greater the sense of confidence, love and fulfilment (and stage presence!) This philosophy is the foundation of The Bellydance Blueprint (my latest online offering). I offer one on one mentoring and private sessions in person or through Zoom/skype. 

Understanding how the body, mind and spirit thrives, is something I’ve been obsessed with for as long as i can remember. Over the years i have practiced and learnt Sufi Yoga, hatha yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and Qi Gong (which I studied as a part of my Advanced diploma in Chinese medicine). So you will see these influences in several of my online courses!

Thanks so much for stopping by and connecting! Feel free to reach out any time <3

Acushla xx

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