What is the membership all about?
From foundations to creativity!

I created this space to inspire women to learn the grace of fusion bellydance.

What is included?
This is where you will find every online course I have created!

You get to take your time and go at your own pace. You just cant rush mastery 😉

Fusion bellydance, Tribal Style Belly dance, Body conditioning

The membership includes an extensive range of tutorials as well as the my complete courses (valued at over $400):

  • The Bellydance Blueprint online intensive Level 1 & 2
  • The Art of Tribal bellyance Level 1 & 2 (from my DVD’s)
  • Belly Bliss Smooth & Juicy: a course for beginners
  • Plus a new Embodied Beginners series!

All online and in the comfort of your own space

Express your grace through the art of fusion bellydance!

A small taste of what lessons you will find in the membership…
“I’m really enjoying working through the blueprint! It’s very helpful and I feel I am already beginning to get inspiration as to how I can structure my own personal practice in terms of developing my own dance vocabulary. I have completed the level one muscle focus and have completed my first challenge. I would like to take the blueprint certificate and I am also interested in teacher training!”

” I am in the process of healing my life long trauma and have not been able to dance because of self worth issues. However since starting bellydance, it has ignited something personal in me to want to keep going. “

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was very clear & very valuable for learning to choreograph as well as highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Acushla was fantastic! Thank you very much :)”