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Beginners Fusion bellydance Bundle!


Learning the foundations of fusion bellydance with a thorough approach to the early stages of technical development will speed up your development and mastery of the basics! This bundle of lessons include a variety of fusion bellydance basics. These include a Qi Gong preparation class followed by lessons on graceful arms, powerful muscular isolations, creative foot patterns, dynamic turns and more!

After learning these foundations, you can then move on to learning steps and combinations from The Art of tribal bellydance, which are a fusion of middle easter, Flamenco and classical Indian dance!

Here is what is included:

Qi gong and class preparation: (13 mins)

Learn some simple yet effective Qi Gong exercises that help you to transition into your 'personal practice time'.  

Level one Foundations: (26 mins)

This lesson is from The bellydance blueprint and covers arms patterns, arm poses, the four basic turns & foot positions

Level one Foundations- Foot  Patterns: (30 mins)

Foot patterns are the foundation for which we can later start to layer isolations, arm patterns and shimmies over the top! In this lesson from the Bellydance Blueprint, you will learn some basic foot patterns to get you moving and dancing around your space!

Muscle isolation instruction Part 1 + drills (51 mins)

Muscle isolation instruction Part 2  + drills (1hr 10 mins)

Belly dance is known for its serpentine muscular isolations as well as the precise locks that accent the music. In these Muscle isolation lessons you will learn:

  • Hip lock/Pelvic lock
  • Hip squares
  • Hip circles
  • Singles on the down
  • Maya
  • Taxim
  • 3/4 hip locks, 3/4 shimmy
  • Oblique shimmy
  • Rib lock/rib slide
  • Rib cage square/ Rib cage circle
  • Undulate up to down (hard/ soft) Undulate down to up hard/soft
  • Body drop
  • Head slides
  • Shoulder roll forward/back

The Art of Tribal belly Dance Level One (60 mins)

  • Learn these fun steps and combinations to get you dancing in no time!

Are you ready to feel beautiful in your body while learning this ancient art form to contemporary beats?!

TOTAL: 4 hours 10 minutes