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Belly Bliss: Smooth silky isolations for feminine embodiment


Learn to feel more feminine and empowered with smooth and muscular serpentine movements of belly dance! This divine feminine quality of belly dance is what infuses power and diversity. Tribal Fusion is known for its dynamic contrast between serpentine like movement (which have a yin quality) along with the more yang quality of sharp hits and locks.

As a tribal fusion belly dancer, I feel it is important to balance and express each of these forces, and by embodying both, you will feel the balancing effect not only in your dance practice but also on an internal level.

In this 90 minute course you will activate the serpent within!

Here is what you get:

Warm up- A gentle warm up to loosen the joints and muscles for our practice. Duration: 9 mins

Basic turns- Learn 4 turns, and how to maintain balance and grace. Duration: 6 mins

Smooth muscle isolations: Smooth and juicy is how i like isolations! and that what ill be teaching (especially seeings as though i was pregnant!) Duration: 20 mins

Isolation combinations: You will learn how to transition smoothly from one isolation to the next so you are able to achieve that snakey look! Duration: 17 mins

Combination practice: Duration: 9 mins

Choreography: Learn a choreography incorporating the isolation combinations as well as turns and graceful arm patterns. Duration: 23 mins

Performance: a performance demonstrating some of the combos. Duration: 5 mins

TOTAL: 90 mins (Includes downloadable videos)