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Isolation Bootcamp (Bellydance Blueprint)


Are you ready to take your isolations to the next level with this Bootcamp!? These lessons are from the Muscle Focus section of the Bellydance Blueprint and includes 6 hours of lessons!

Learn the secret to precise intricate locks and super smooth ad silky isolations! 

You will learn: Technique, layering, powerful drilling exercises to free your feet while keeping your muscles activated, combinations and choreo! It’s all in there! 

6 hours in total with option to view online and download all videos so you have them for life!

Here is what you get:

Muscle isolation instruction: Learn all of the basic isolations including, head slides, circles, should locks/rolls, rib slides/locks, chest circles/ squares, undulations, hip locks on the up and down, hip squares/circles, taxim, maya, body drop, shimmy. Duration: 60 mins

Muscle isolation Drills: Drill videos so you can practice all you have learnt! Duration: 60 mins

Muscle Focus section Level one part 1: layering isolations over foot patterns, arm patterns and new combos. Duration: 44 mins 

Muscle Focus section Level one part 2: Learn new layering skills while varying foot placement as well as 2 muscle isolation combinations which incorporate turns and arm patterns! Duration: 1:22 mins

Muscle Focus Level Two: Layering hip work with level 2 arm patterns, layering muscle isolations with varied foot positions, Layering isolations with travelling foot patterns. Durations: 1:14mins

Muscle Focus Choreography Level two: A super cool fun choreography to learn, incorporating isolations, level changes, travelling, turns and shape focus! Duration: 38 mins

(Includes downloadable videos)

This Muscle isolation Bootcamp is from The full online intensive called The Bellydance Blueprint. You can view the course here  and view the promo video for it below.