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Body Balance for total well-being and wholeness in your life


Body balance is a blend of powerful exercises from the east & west! By maintaining your practice from these workshops, you will learn how to improve energy circulation, regulate your emotions, feel a sense of calm, regulate the nervous system and strengthen your core and posture.

Workshop content

Body balance Part One: (30 mins)

  1. Warm up & loosening the joints for ease of movement and good energy flow
  2. The Inner smile meditation
  3. Balancing the three centres Qi Gong exercise for grounding and calming the nervous system
  4. Connecting heaven & earth Qi Gong exercise to create balance and smooth energy flow through the body
  5. The sacred Preyer of Wholeness, a moving meditation to generate self acceptance and wholeness

Body Balance: Part 2 (20 mins)

  1. Qi Gong Posture
  2. Balance the three centres
  3. Qi Gong Sequence called "Natures gifts"
  4. The 12 Meridian exercises. These ancient powerful exercises focus on releasing stagnant energy in the meridians of the body. It improves energy levels and regulates the emotions and feelings of inner balance
  5. Strengthening exercises for the core and upper back. These pilates based exercises include some of my favourites! Perfect to strengthening the important muscles we use for dance and for living in a healthy aligned body!

TOTAL: 90 min (Includes downloadable videos)