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The Art of Tribal Bellydance level 1 & 2


The Art of Tribal Belly Dance Level one & Level two

Learn to Dance with Power and Grace!

These lessons will inspire and challenge dancers from varied levels. This exclusive format is designed to express beauty and elegance through statuesque shapes, extended lines and utilisation of the core muscles. The steps and combos can be applied to improvisation or choreography.

Your videos are able to be viewed online and also downloaded, so you have them for life!

You will receive:

Arrhythmic steps and combinations Level One and two: 60 mins

Rhythmic steps and combinations Level One: 60 mins

These unique step and combinations are each drilled separately with footwork, arm patterns, body positioning and cues clearly explained.

  1. Over 37 Steps and Combinations that will make your performances POP!
  2. 4 Hours of content rich material
  3. Learn combinations that improve your balance and co-ordination.
  4. Performances demonstrating the steps so you can see them in action!
  5. How to become an inspired Tribal Creatrix with easy and fun variations to play around with.
  6. Learn how to feel confident with expanding your movement abilities. By learning new ways to move, you will enhance the steps you already know!
  7. How to harness the power of your core, and create jaw dropping isolations.
  8. Learn Steps and Combinations for Improvised Tribal Style and Tribal fusion belly dance.
  9. Multiple camera angles so you won't miss a thing

Steps & combos included:

Arm undulations

Taxim/ with arm undulations

Belly roll

Camel Swoop

Step back return combination

Gypsy Frame with quarter turn

Circle of Qi Combination

Triple turn delux combination

Hindu Cush combination

Three quarter hips on the up

Three quarter shimmy and drill

Boom Boom/with arm variation

Double Box step

Turn Shimmy twist combination

Basic Arabic Step, with travel & turn variation

Arabic wrap and half turn 

Hip bump two direction and turn/ with spin and arm variation

Double wrap turn

Sacred tribal combination turn

The six pose turn

The floreo combination turn

 Flamenco switch and turn

 Cush hip combo

Boom combo

Two point spins with arm variations

Step bump

Three point shimmy combination

Round about step/ with shimmy variation

Kick Fusion Turn

PLUS plenty of practice drills and mini choreos!



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View the Promo video for the Art of Tribal belly dance below!