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Dynamic turns and combinations! (The Belly dance Blueprint)


Incorporating turns into your dance vocabulary is vital for adding that extra dynamic vibe to your performance. Smooth, controlled turns take practice and in these lessons (from the belly dance blueprint) i will be teaching you how to maintain balance, land in different foot positions, play around with the speed of the turns and a creative section expanding your movement abilities!

Course contents

Ingredients (foundations): 43 mins

In this lesson you will learn arm patterns, arm poses, foot positions and turns. All of these "ingredients" will provide the foundations for the following level one & level two Turn Focus lessons.

Turn Focus Level One: 37 mins

Learn the process creating multiple turn combinations and landing in varied foot positions. There will be a focus on maintaining balance and grace! The combination will build from basic to slightly more complex.

Turn Focus Level Two: 45 mins

Learn a Turn focus choreography that helps you to integrate all you have learnt! The Choreography will also include the other Focus elements such as Muscle isolations, Traveling patterns and turns.

TOTAL: 2 hours 10 minutes

This Turn Focus course is from The full online intensive called The Bellydance Blueprint. You can view the course hereĀ  and view the promo video for it below.