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The Art of Tribal Belly dance Level One


LEVEL ONE: Tribal Steps and Combinations

Learn these fun and versatile steps and combos!  9 Arhythmic & 9 Rhythmic Tribal steps and combinations used for Improvised Tribal Style. Each step and combo includes clear instruction on footwork, body positioning, cues and drills and can be incorporated into American Tribal Style® or Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Two choreographies are demonstrated, enabling the dancer to practice the transitions between each movement sequence. Both choreographies are demonstrated from the front and back with 2 camera angles.

This is for all of you belly dance students, teachers, performers who want to bring more power AND grace to your movement (yes you need both!)/ You will learn how to embody the essence of Tribal style with aesthetic drawn from Classical Indian, Flamenco and Middle Eastern Dance. You will learn my own personal toolbox of exercises and practices that can add 'fire' to your stage presence and power to your movement!

Total of 60 minutes

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