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In the Bellydance Blueprint course, the two main shimmies i focus on are the oblique shimmy and three quarter shimmy. New lessons will be uploaded with varying degrees of difficulty.

I highly recommend ensuring you are feeling confident with the basic oblique and three quarter shimmy while standing with feet neutral, before adding layering and changing foot positions. Shimmies are not easy! They take time to create that effortless look (I’m still working on mine!). If you would love some feedback and pointers around your shimmy, send me a quick video and i would be happy to give you a few tips.

Class Info

In this tutorial we will be covering:

  • Layering the oblique shimmy over foot positions
  • Layering the three quarter and oblique shimmy over foot patterns from Level one. You may like to revise these.
  • An oblique shimmy combination

Video Length: 59 mins

Level: Intermediate