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Learning to use the stage or any space is a vital skill to learn, especially if you are a performer. This Travel Focus section aims to inspire you to not only work on layering various movement while practicing foot patterns, but we will also work on changing directions, varying the size of steps you take and adding a bit more unpredictability to your movement.

Class Info

In this tutorial you will learn:

A few combinations where several foot patterns are drilled one after the other. The foot patterns included in this video include the Grapevine combo, Egyptian heal step, Step touch, Hindu Cush & Triple turn delux combo. (You may like to revise these in the Ingredients video on Foot patterns Level One)

Layering the foot pattern ‘Step touch’ with varying arm patterns

Layering muscle isolations over Foot Patterns

Layering Level One arm patterns over some of the level one foot patterns. (You may like to revise the arm patterns from Level one ingredients tutorial)

Video Length: 1hr 14 mins

Level: Beginners-Intermediate