Teacher Training

Have you thought about teaching? Perhaps you are already?

With so much going on in the world, what we need most right now is community, art, beauty and a rising in the empowerment of women globally. 

When I first started teaching over 16 years ago I had no idea just how transformative bellydance can be. Although i felt like I was a bit out of my depth, as I pretty much taught myself as I went along (‘tribal’ style was a new genre back when i started), what i did notice was the beautiful changes that happened for the women who stepped into my classes.

As a new teacher, it took many years to fine tune not only technique but also how to teach it! From explaining the movements effectively, to class dynamics, music editing, teaching online and being a business owner. Bellydance teachers do a lot! 

Hey! I’m Acushla,

Bellydance has been my main career for the last 16 years. I have taught and performed around Australia, created Australia’s first “Art of tribal bellydance” dvd series, and ran a school with over 6 teachers whom i trained to teach, many who moved on to run their own successful schools. And more recently have trained dancers overseas (technology is pretty amazing!) to teach my Bellydance Blueprint method.

I’ve always loved training and supporting dancers who are ready to take the next step to start teaching, or who are already established teachers and are looking for another challenge and an inspiring new way to create a more rich and creative class experience for their students. I’m really excited to be offering this new online teacher training program that will ignite your passion for teaching, provide a structured method and save you a ton of time by sharing my experience and online business strategies and tools.


I’ve trained dancers worldwide on how to teach fusion bellydance. There is nothing more beautiful than the reward of witnessing women develop the skills and grace of learning this ancient dance form.


DEMAND: More and more women are drawn to bellydance for the therapeutic, creative, strenghthening and fun form of expression.

LOW OVERHEADS: If you plan to teach locally, costs are fairly minimal to get started. If you plan to teach online, you will be required to invest in some start up costs (but can be done on a budget!) however ongoing overheads are low.

ONLINE TEACHING = WORLDWIDE AUDIENCE: If you choose to teach online, you literally have access to teaching students from all over the world

MARKETING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: With social media being the most powerful form of marketing, reaching a huge audience of potential students has never been more affordable.


  • Become a professional, confident fusion bellydance teacher
  • Learn the ‘science’ of fusion bellydance (‘tribal’) in a structured, creative and fun way, that will inspire students and empower them to tap into their own creativity
  • Help other women to benefit from this transformative art form, through creativity, community and wellbeing
  • Develop your own skills to a high level (teaching is one of the best ways to improve your own development)
  • Become an inspiration to others


  • Bellydance students who would love to take the next step and start to teach. Depending on your skill level, ‘Fundamentals teacher training’ would be a great place to start!
  • Already established teachers who would like some fresh inspiration and a new apporach to teaching fusion bellydance
  • Those who already work with women 
  • People who have completed the ‘Bellydance Blueprint’ level one course


Five modules including:

  • Fundamentals Fusion bellydance tutorials. These are included in the Fundamentals teacher training. (7 hours)
  • Tutorial videos from the Bellydance Blueprint method (10 hours)
  • Four masterclasses (pre recorded videos)
  • Templates, Pdf’s and training documents


You will recieve access to all content after registering. 


*All tutorial videos are pre recorded and downloadable

Fundamentals teacher training:

  • Video Tutorials for teaching fundamentals and beyond- total 7 hours

Body Temple Teacher Training: Bellydance Blueprint method tutorials

  • Video tutorials from Level One Bellydance Blueprint program PLUS tutorials for teaching fundamantals
  • Bonus lesson on “understanding the muscles we use for isolations” and conditioning exercises for bellydance
  • 26 video tutorials: total 11 hours

You will have access to all tutoral videos  prior to the masterclasses

  • Introduction to teaching The Bellydance Blueprint method
  • Lesson planning: how to structure classes (including my 8 week course outline)
  • Learn ways to create a vibe that encourages students to keep coming back.
  • How to teach: Understanding different learning styles (every student learns in a different way) and how to use this understanding while teaching certain movements 
  • The teachers mindset:  Learn how to use your strengths and understand your weaknesses to become an authentic teacher that students are wanting to learn from. Also learn how to transform the self critical “I’m not good enough” self talk that can lower confidence.
  • What to do with difficult students and how to handle them
  • Building community
  • General information on certification (This has recently changed. I will no longer be offering the one on one sessions) However will email thorough a  certifcate of completion
  • In this masterclass i will take you through the process of creating combinations, inspired by the Bellydance Blueprint process
  • You will learn how to create your own drill sessions and combinations so you have endless ideas to teach in class
  • Learn how to attract students in a way that feels authentic and fun to you! Forget the cookie cutter approach to marketing. I teach a non ‘traditional approach’.
  • Online tools to use for business  and marketing (most are free!)
  • How to best utilise social media that feels right for you
  • The top 5 mistakes bellydance teachers make when it comes to business and how to avoid them
  • Teaching online (pre recorded Vs live classes). Learn about the different options of teaching online depending on your budget.

In this masterclass i will answer all of your questions and also cover topics such as:

  • Cultural Appropriation: Learn the common mistakes i have made with this topic and ways to ensure you are being respectful to the cultures we are inspird by in fusion bellydance
  • History of fusion bellydance (formally termed tribal fusion) and how my approach was developed.
  • I will take you through a quick ‘mock’ first bellydance class, which will include all of the ‘Class structure keys’.
  • The ‘Layer card’ template to activate creative ideas for combinations and movement sequences
  • A template for an 8 week beginners fusion bellydance course

I absolutely love the Belly Dance Blueprint method! Working through the lessons and challenges really helped me break “out of the box” and think about dance and layering in new ways. I’ve learned new skills to teach dance to my students and help them create their own choreography or improv. Acushla is a gem—she is always at hand with support! Her constructive feedback and guidance was so valuable in improving my own skills in dance as well as teaching. I’m thrilled to start sharing this method with my students!

Amanda Shyama Garion

Level one certified teacher


  • Download the Zoom app
  • Stable internet/wifi connection
  • Space to move for the interactive dance masterclass
  • For certification: you will need a recording device (your phone will do!) to capture your challenges and tasks.



Do i have to know all of the technique in the tutorial videos before i teach?

No. To teach level one you need to have a clear technical understanding of the following movement from the tutorial videos:

  • Muscle isolations
  • Arm patterns
  • Foot positions
  • A few of the foot patterns

As you teach you will develop more skills, so you do not need to be ‘perfect’ to start!

Do i have to teach the Bellydance Blueprint method in the same way you do?

Absolutely not. The training videos are a way for you to learn how to create your own combinations. It is a helpful framework when you start to teach, however as time goes by, you will develop your own style. Everyone is different and i encourage you to use this teacher training as a guideline to inspire and help you develop your own teaching/dancing style.

Are all of the lessons and masterclasses downloadable?

Yes! You will have access to them all for life.

Will this teacher training also cover online teaching?

Yes. In one of the masterclasses i will discuss the different options for teaching live vs pre recorded. I will share some simple set ups to get you started as well as what you will need to purchase.

What Others have been saying about the Bellydance Blueprint method…

“I’m really enjoying working through the blueprint! It’s very helpful and I feel I am already beginning to get inspiration as to how I can structure my own personal practice in terms of developing my own dance vocabulary. I have completed the level one muscle focus and have completed my first challenge. I would like to take the blueprint certificate and I am also interested in teacher training!”

Jasmine Cowles

Certified Level One Bellydance Blueprint teacher

“I am in the process of healing my life long trauma and have not been able to dance because of self worth issues. However since starting Bellydance Blueprint has ignited something personal in me to want to keep going”
Mary Sharp


“I have spent the afternoon familiarizing myself with The Blueprint, Love it and can not wait until tomorrow to get stuck in. Thank you for the payment plan, it was easy to follow and made payment easy to achieve. Have just printed my layer cards to play with and set little challenges for my daily dance workout”
Julie Hamilton

yoga teacher

I definatly gravitate towards smooth hip movements, like all directions of figure 8s, and other hip and belly movements that fuse nicely with them. But like with too much of anything, that becomes less interesting to watch, and is also not good for my body or creativity expansion within dance. This is one reason why I loved the blueprint formula; the multiple random combos one can create that inspires new ways to move.
Bridgette Anderson

Aerial Yoga teacher and dancer

“I lurved Acushla’s Blueprint workshops! It got me more ‘in my head’ creatively- which i was reluctant to do cos i thought creativity should come from the heart and soul, not he mind…but i was wrong! (it flows from all three!) : ) The process in this training helped me expand my creativity- and they still do! Totes recommend!!!”
Liyana Dickeson

Bellydance teacher

5 stars “Thoroughly enjoyed the bellydance blue print intensive. It was very clear & very valuable for learning to choreograph as well as highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Acushla was fantastic! Thank you very much :)”
Jarna White

Belly dance teacher