Embody the beauty of this ancient dance form by creating stunning shapes and dynamic movement!

I am calling to dancers world wide to learn how to become powerful tribal belly dancers…to learn how to honour and embrace your body by creating strong yet stunning shapes and dynamic movement sequences that add that extra ‘juice’ to your performance.

This is for all of you belly dance students, teachers, performers who want to bring more power AND grace to your movement (yes you need both!)

In this online lesson package (also available on DVD) you will learn how to embody the essence of Tribal style with aesthetic drawn from Classical Indian, Flamenco and Middle Eastern Dance. You will learn my own personal toolbox of exercises and practices that can add ‘fire’

The Benefits and Bonuses

This online program will teach you how to create stunning body shapes that the camera will LOVE!

Creating strong shapes is one of those important aspects of Tribal Style. Learn how to create beautiful lines throughout your performance!


Easily accessible online videos to view at any time

All of the videos are hosted not the Vimeo platform on a secure membership site that you will have access to any time you like.


Ongoing support along the way and with Weekly Drill sessions to help you stay on track

Included in the course are 20 drill videos. These have proven to be a really beneficial way for dancers to stay on track, practice transitions and learn the material in a structured way.

A Sample Video of one of the Rhythmic Steps from the Online Lessons
A Sample of a Body Temple Fuse Combination from the Online Lessons

Course Contents

Are you Ready? Here is what you will get access to…

Over 37 Steps and Combinations that will make your performances POP!

  1. 4 Hours of content rich material
  2. Learn combinations that improve your balance and co-ordination.
  3. Performances demonstrating the steps so you can see them in action!
  4. How to become an inspired Tribal Creatrix with easy and fun variations to play around with.
  5. Learn how to feel confident with expanding your movement abilities. By learning new ways to move, you will enhance the steps you already know!
  6. How to harness the power of your core, and create jaw dropping isolations.
  7. Learn Steps and Combinations for Improvised Tribal Style and Tribal fusion belly dance.
  8. Multiple camera angles so you won’t miss a thing.
  9. A downloadable accompanying E-Book which saves you from taking notes.
  10. TONS of content with learning tools and online support!
  11. * Recently included in the course are 20 drill videos. Recent students have found this to be really effective way to practice transitions and have provided a structure for learning all of the material.

Flexible. Affordable. Online