Ingredients/Foundations: Level One

Welcome to the Bellydance Blueprint! Before starting this program, please check out the beginner lessons that focus on  muscle isolations. This will help set you up for getting more out of the Bellydance Blueprint method.

When you are ready to start, watch the video “An introduction to the Bellydance Blueprint” which gives an overview of the entire process.

Take your time learning the ingredients which are the foundation for our developing movement vocabulary. Allow the neural pathways (what we know of as muscle memory) to develop effectively through repetition and an enjoyment of the process! Once these foundational skills are embodied, you will take a huge leap in your expression, experience and development as a dancer.

The Bellydance Blueprint ‘ingredients’ include:

  1. Arm Patterns
  2. Arm Poses
  3. Foot positions
  4. Turns
  5. Foot patterns
  6. Muscle isolations
  7. Directions

By combining and layering these foundational elements we can create our own combinations, with a variety of Focus elements (Shape focus, muscle focus, turn focus, travel focus, shimmy focus), which then forms our choreography or lays the foundation for improvisation and accessing FLOW state!