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Ok so I am mildly obsessed with Ayurvedic healing right now. You know when you hear something from someone, read it or sense it (usually it’s the third time) and know there’s something in It? Well this happened to me with Ayurveda. I’ve been experiencing feeling easily fatigued for a while now and have been wanting some answers!
So after reading some books (am now onto a very detailed one!) and researching on the internet I’ve worked out that I am predominantly the Vata Dosha. I have included links below in case you would like to find out more. In the first book I read, “Essential Ayurveda” (Shubhra Krishan) the author explains Ayrvedic healing in a common sense way which relates to our lifestyle in western society. One major focus of Ayurvedic healing is the Dosha types. Each person has a mixture of a particular Dosha, however there is often one dosha predominating. When this dosha becomes out of balance there are key messages your body will express indicating this. I am very clearly predominantly the vata dosha type. I previously wrote a post called “The highly sensitive dancer”. The highly sensitive trait is one that I relate to and have learnt my own various ways to work with it. This brings me back to the Vata dosha which after reading all of the signs and qualities of a Vata, I am convinced that a large portion of highly sensitive people are Vata types. If you are unsure what dosha type you are here is a link to a survey:

So taking into account the typical Vata traits, here is a picture of what a Vata dancer may look like as well as ways to balance this particular dosha

1) Dry skin (a daily massage with almond oil will help, Will leave your skin lustrous and nourished)

2) Prone to anxiety, stress (try making any of the following practice a regular ocurance: pranayama, meditation, scheduled times to relax the mind, limit screen time, yoga, qi gong)

3) Dislike of flying or long distance travelling. Vata is related to air, and flying especially leaves Vata types completely frazzled and unstable. If you are travelling to a festival or event give yourself time to recover before jumping in, and practice some helpful grounding activities.

4) Possible digestive issues (make sure you don’t eat foods that create bloating and gas- this is not nice onstage!).

5) Feels the cold intensely with cold hands and feet (so rug up on those cold evenings you have a gig!)

6) Loves warming foods, drinks ( bring a thermos of tea with warming ginger when your either teaching or out in the cold)

7) Good with physical outbursts but fatigues quickly. Ensure you don’t have too many rigorous rehearsals. Gentle exercise such as walks, yoga, qi gong, dance are beneficial

8) Easily overstimulated (Avoid really loud venues if possible)

What I love about learning the lifestyle and nutritional healing suggestions for Vata type is that I completely resonate with them and love the idea of implementing them! I hope you find this of use somehow! 🙂

Here is a link to my Pinterest page which I’ll be posting stuff on about Ayurveda Healing

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Dosha types:

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