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There are many approaches to help increase motivation and the best way to work out your way is to trust your intuition and try new ideas (if what you have tried isn’t working). During this time of isolation I’ve noticed that there is a huge contrast in how everyone is experiencing it,PSL 2023 Schedule in terms of feeling motivated to practice at home. So for those who are feeling unmotivated, I decided to create this quick video, sharing 3 ways that I have found really helps with shifting your energy and getting back to dance! Hopefully it makes sense, it’s the first time I have created a video articulating something other than dance 😊

Key points from the video

  • Your willpower/motivation is highest early on in the day. Try to make sure you get onto your priorities before all of the ‘other things‘ (Dishes, shopping etc). Tai Windows Often we exhaust all of our energy/willpower on things that don’t feed our soul. Love yourself enough to do what is most important to you before distraction takes over.
  • For motivation to flow we need to be mindful of our 3 brains and how they influence our behaviour. Our oldest brain (reptilian brain) is about keeping us safe, watching out for threats as well as opportunity. So when it comes to creating a new habit or increasing motivation, ensure you keep it simple and don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things (this can feel like a threat and lead to anxiety).
    The second layer of our brain is the limbic system or ‘mammalian’ brain. It supports a variety of functions including emotion, behaviour and motivation, functions not found in reptiles but in mammals. This Emotional Brain handles our Hearts Desire. So this is where we need to be really clear on the emotional reasons why we want to be more motivated with our dance practice. Ask yourself: why do I want to be motivated? What is in it for me? How will this change my life for the better? By understanding your why and the emotional energy behind it, your motivation will naturally increase.
    The third layer or brain is the neocortex, the part of the brain involved in higher-order brain functions, typically found in primates. This thinking brain is responsible for facts and figures and problem solving and is vital for learning new skills! To improve our learning and minecraft modpure motivation, we need to ensure we respect the 3 brains! Once the reptilian and mammalian brain is respected then the neocortex will problem solve all of the practicalities of making sure you get your dance practice happening!
  • When we are in flow or alignment our motivation for doing things we love is naturally there, We don’t have to think about it. If you are out of flow you will not be feeling too motivated, and may be preoccupied with negative feelings. So how to get back into flow? The list is endless and only you know what makes you feel good, raise your vibes and feel a sense of alignment once again. (I offer an online course all about flow and alignment in the Online Temple Space which covers this in detail).
    Personally I find breath work, meditation and nature, powerful ways to get back into alignment. All of these in essence, increase awareness, which is vital so that you can notice the first signs of moving away from centre, and consciously choose to redirect your energy. (This takes a lot of practice!)During this time of isolation, anxiety and depression can creep in (or smash in!) in this case the priority is to work on getting into a better feeling place before even worrying about how motivated you are. Start the day with a practice that takes you one small minecraft lmhmod step towards feeling good, soon enough you will build positive momentum and motivation will return (and seek some support if needed). Be kind to yourself and trust that the self work you put in will pay off ❤️