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I’ve noticed that so many of our experiences in life move in cycles just like nature.
Our dance practice and our relationship to dance changes just like the seasons, and there can be many layers to these cycles.

We can experience growth and inspiration during our ‘Spring dance Season’

Expansion and expression during our ‘Summer dance season’tải minecraft 1.18

Autumn Season can be a time of shedding old ideas and introspection

Winter Dance Season can be a time of looking deeper, perhaps having some space from our practice or acknowledging the areas we need to grow.
Some of these ‘Dance Seasons’ can last longer than others and also affect other areas of our life. I have often heard dancers express feeling a little worried and uncertain when their passion for dance seams to be non-existant. They question if they will ever “get their mojo back”. If dance has almost always nourished you, and has been a way to help you feel more aligned with who you are, then chances are you are just going through your “winter season”. Sometimes this season can feel like it lasts forever, and it’s usually minecraft 1.17.10 when you are also feeling out of alignment with other areas of your life. ff.member.garena Our relationship to dance keeps evolving and it’s so nice to remember that after winter comes spring!! Renewal, growth and an energized spirit 💖

Acushla xx